As the cinema industry evolves, we are keeping up with the latest trends in the industry.  We offer different camera packages based on your productions needs. 

We not only stock most items that you are looking for, but have alliances with major camera equipment distributors offering us  24hr access to any number of specialized items that you may require.

Custom Gear
There are dozens of unique custom items in our inventory, things we have built to special order. If you need an exotic piece of special purpose gear, ask us. Perhaps we have it on the shelf. If not, we’ll build it for you. We don’t charge you the cost of designing and building that item, of course. We’re glad to add it to the list of rental equipment available only from us.

We don’t cut corners. Our equipment gets the most painstaking maintenance. That takes time and money; re-shoots cost far more, of course.

Finally, we don’ t think we know it all. If we can learn from you, our business benefits. If we can show you something, or make your job easier, we all benefit.

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