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At Walter Lighting & Grip Inc. we test our generators after every job. The generator is tested at a full load for at least 30 minutes.
This ensures that the fuel system and the cooling system are working properly and that all other systems in the generator are at peak performance.
This means that when our generator comes to your set, we’ve done everything to make sure that it runs all day, every day.

Our generators comes complete on a trailer so you can set almost anywhere.

GENERATOR SETS              

Honda 1000
Honda 3000EU
Honda 6500EU

750 amps (90Kva) – Trailer Mounted
1200 amps (150Kva) – Trailer Mounted

Larger units available on demand

All units are sound attenuated and trailer mounted with integrated diesel fuel tanks.

45 kVA
75 kVA
150 kVA     

All units are on wheels and have master cut off switches with Camlok tails directly on the unit.

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