With so many different types of production going on everyday in so many different locations, lighting has become more of an art than a simple flick of a switch.
Whether you are shooting outdoors and want to just make it look brighter to shooting in a cavern in Cuba (and yes we have done that too) we have the lighting that you need.
We carry all types of fixtures, bulbs and support equipment for you needs.
We carry all the major brands, including ARRI, Mole, Dracast and Kino Flo, just to name a few.
Have a look through our categories below to see some of the items that we carry.


Introducing our new “Travel Packages”.  These packages were put together with the essentials you’ll need for a quick studio shoot or small production.

Daylight Package          Tungsten Package

Give us a call and let us put a production package together for you today.

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