Gaffers Tape, Lamps/Globes/Bulbs , Gels/Filters, Tie Line, Gloves, Paper Tape, Electrical Tape, Caution Tape. Gobos/Patterns, Fog Fluid, China Markers, Cube Taps, BlackWrap/Cinefoil, Foam Core, Plywood, Duvateen, Clothes Pins, etc. etc. etc.  We offer a full range of those day-to-day items you need replenished regularly.

We carry a large assortment of products so that when you need them we have them available.


We are also pleased to offer a broad range of industry leading manufacturers’ new and used equipment available for your purchase.  Excellent products coupled with our top-flight customer service turn your requests into realities in short order.  So, whether you need a budget price, roll of gaffer’s tape or want to check the specs on a sophisticated item, our knowledgeable and courteous sales staff will facilitate the process. Don’t forget to call for what’s available from our used catalog.

We are an authorized dealer for the top names in new products, as well as a reseller of various lighting and grip equipment from luminaries to expendables.


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