We have many transportation options to get the equipment you need for your production

Introducing our “Viral Package”.  Designed as an “All-In-One” setup and loaded into our versatile 3-Ton truck, it lets you do everything you need from one spot.  Loaded with the most essential gear and set up with a work station to keep you running smoothly.

We can custom tailor your trucks to your production needs or you can chose from some of the following pre configured trucks we offer;

  • 5-Ton Electric Truck
    5-Ton Grip Truck
    3-Ton Grip Truck
    3-Ton Electric Truck
    3-Ton Unit Truck
    Trailer packages – Great for studio or long term productions on location
    Pick-Up Trucks

We have access to many types of vehicles and are sure that we can find something to fit your needs
Contact us today to get your production rolling! 

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